About HazExpress

HazExpress is a specialist transport company offering customers a solution for urgent and difficult freight.

The company is a trading arm of HazExperts Ltd who specialise in the disposal and transportation of hazardous and difficult waste.

We felt the two services go hand in hand - not only do we deal with waste, we also deal with products too.  Some of these products cannot be sent via a conventional courier, they may be classed as dangerous goods and come under ADR classifications. Some goods may need to be transported at a specific temperature, and the list goes on.

HazExpress utilises the DGSA capabilities of HazExperts meaning we can advise on the packaging, storage and transportation of these dangerous goods when they are being sent on the road.

We have in house capabilities to serve our customers up to 4 pallets with a weight limit of 1100kg.  We have external capabilities to handle large volume pallets, ADR loads and also tankers.

Throughout the inception of both HazExperts and indeed HazExpress, the ethos of the organisation was to offer our customers a complete solution, all in one place.  All of your transport, waste disposal, packaging and advisory requirements all in one place.

Whether it is one drum, one pallet, a jiffy bag or full loads, HazExpress and HazExperts can offer you a complete bespoke solution

To find out more, simply get in touch  - you can email us at Express@HazExperts.co.uk or call us on 08453 881429

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Company No:   11953250

VAT Number:    310782623

Waste Carrier:  CBDU285839

Tel: 08453 881 429

Email: Express@hazexperts.co.uk